Rakita Diavolo

Japanese Akita, 2010

They are unique dogs, very intelligent – they are body language readers extraordinaire, and can read intentions. They will comfort in times of need, they are excellent stress level reducers, all part of that special bond. Whilst not big barkers, they communicate with an array of sounds, that you and your family will learn to understand. Every action or sound is for a purpose. They will take it upon themselves to judge a situation with unfamiliar people & situations, they will take on a subtle position, being rather the strategist, with one eye open…the quiet observer. They will be watching your body language too, their biggest queue, after all you are their pack leader.

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  • Gender
  • Call Name
  • Born
    January 16, 2010
  • Height
  • Dam
    Nakamura, the Snowmobile
  • Sire
    Kyoto, the Puffle


  • CACIB Hungary 2010 - Best Puppy
  • CACIB Nitra 2010 - Best Puppy
  • Golden Akita Champ 2011 - 1st prize